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Journey to the Self

Journey To The Self – The power of true herbal essences

You probably have heard and seen herbal essences in various formats and in many shops that you frequent. Maybe you have heard the term “Aromatherapy” and like it, as there are so many ways to look and experience them, just thinking about candles and oils. Yet, do you know the differences between herbal essences and aromatherapy? Do you consider Aromatherapy a healing modality or not?
Join me as Audre Gutierrez from Shining Sun Aromatherapy explains the differences of this healing modality, the various essential oils, and – maybe most important — the difference between what you get at your regular store and those that come directly from a licensed Aromatherapist. Listen as Audre shares her story of finding herbal essences, connecting with them and realizing that these are part of her journey and path here.. And then let’s learn how herbal essences may benefit you and others as well.