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The Learning Curve

Roger Boswarva & Virginia Koenig

The Learning Curve – Roger & Virginia Talk with Jenna Martinez

Listen to Jenna describe how she helps adult students overcome their past study failure and win at learning. Jenna is the Adult Basic Education Center Coordinator for Literacy Partners, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides free literacy classes for New Yorkers. Here she oversees more than a hundred current students and forty volunteer tutors who teach the classes, serving adults with grades 1-5 reading and math skills. Jenna has vast experience dealing with students tackling grades 1-5. Before coming to Literacy Partners, she was the Adult Education Coordinator for Foundation Communities where she wrote and delivered adult English Second Language and Financial Literacy programs for the English and Spanish speaking residents. Prior to that Jenna taught children and young adults both in school and in free after-school programs in South Texas.