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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Yes: but all too often it’s faked

While we know that the medium often fakes paranormal events in films and television, we don’t realize to what extent the whole of the paranormal is phoney. From spiritualism to UFO’s or from parapsychology research to stage hypnosis the evidence is the same: you cannot believe what you see, hear or read. Despite all the fakery spiritual mediums do produce ‘real evidence’, people sometimes ‘see’ a UFO, parapsychology research has made many great discoveries and some people at stage shows become deeply hypnotised. So the real paranormal evidence is normal. This week we discover why there is so much fakery, with many examples of the way money is the cause, and how people falsify the evidence to make a point, whether it be the evidence for survival or the evidence of parapsychology. Some people you can trust but some you just cannot.