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Success Sessions – You – The Good, The Bad and the Best

The greatest compliment you can be afforded in life is to be accepted for who you are, what you do and how you do it. Of course, this acceptance in some cases can be easily attained where in other situations it is increasingly difficult.

There are many factors, influences and situations that can and will effect the acceptance of you in this wonderful world in which we live. The most significant contributor factor in the acceptance, acknowledgement and respect of you in society is your preparedness to be yourself.

Join us in this weeks edition of Success in Action as Jae asks Bill why and how it is you should continue the journey to be yourself. Our special guest Graeme Alford will bring a perspective on being true to yourself that will leave you spellbound.

The Graeme Alford story almost defies belief, he was a successful Australian barrister but a weakness for alcohol and gambling brought him undone. Soon he was drinking 40 beers a day, gambling away his money, and eating his way to a weight of 266lb. His need for money for his gambling debts led him to commit fraud and eventually armed robbery.

At his lowest ebb, a prison psychologist described him as a tragic figure. He’d even been diagnosed with brain damage. He was a hopeless case.

But it was actually in jail that he started to make his way back. He analyzed what had gone wrong. He set himself goals and came up with a merciless regime of self improvement. He got his weight down, he got his IQ up, he kicked his alcohol dependency.

Graeme Alford has made it back to the top of the heap. He’s now remarried, prosperous, and in demand as a businessman and motivational speaker.