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Journey to the Self

Journey To The Self – Chakras and Chakra Balancing

Dyan Garris, the creator of Voice Of TheAngels, visionary mystic, and clairvoyant, voice recognition psychic, trance channel psychic medium, and gifted energy worker specializing in chakra balance and manifesting. Is joining me for this show. This will be an exciting show where Dyan shares her expertise on chakras and chakra balancing with us – an issue that is receiving more and more attention these days but still often remains mis-represented or mis-understood. Dyan will also share her journey with us, from her early years and knowing her talents to today, where she is still on the journey but fully trusting. Don’t miss out on this exciting show.
Learn not only more about the chakras and chakra balancing but also about manifesting and the aspects that may be missing from the law of attraction… how can chakras help us manifest? Of course, if you have more questions you can always contact Dyan or myself for more information or consultations.