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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

This week Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by guest Maria Marsala ( as they discuss how to identify your ideal client or customer for your business. Listen to Gary and Maria as they discuss how to identify the best customers that you can serve and who can best serve you in turn. Learn how to identify and FIRE the “client from hell” so that you don’t waste any more of your time, resources, and energy pursuing customers who are only going to cause you aggravation.

Gary Kaskowitz and Maria Marsala will discuss specifictactics you can use today to begin growing your business. You will learn why most small business owners and professionals actually harm their business through their business cards, rather than helping them. You will learn how to specifically identify an ideal client or customer so that you don’t spend money going after the wrong market. You will also learn what, exactly, you need to put on your website if you wish to attract the affluent market!

Gary and Maria will share with you some of their personal war stories of small business owners who get it and those who don’t. The expression “the customer is always right” is wrong! While the customer may always be right, far too many small business owners are serving the wrong customer. Don’t fall into that trap yourself. Listen to this weeks episode of Marketing 4.0 with Gary Kaskowitz ( and his exciting guest Maria Marsala ( if you want to truly weed out those customers who give you nothing but grief and focus on those clients who will truly value you