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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – A million People Hypnotized from CD’s

Glenn has produced tapes and CDs which do the job of a top hypnotist but in the comfort of your home. He has sold 1.3 million cures for phobias and all the normal hypnotist’s cures. As a successful 1:1 hypnotist he has treated over 1000 patients which gave him the experience to produce the CDs. His website is which lists his products. Clearly hypnosis is perfectly easy, safe and normal but it used to be unreliable and frowned upon mainly because there was no understanding of how and why it works. A logical and straightforward description of trance is given which reveals the true cause of hypnosis and all trance states: one of which is mental illness. My theory of trance, detailed in the book Sublimity, is also available on my website which demystifies both trance and telepathy.