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Ripley Radio: An On-Demand Oddcast


Ripley Radio – A Visit to a Voodoo Museum & Other Offbeat Locales

A Voodoo Priest explains what one will find inside the New Orleans Voodoo Museum including the ghost of his good friend, Intern Abby reports on a full-size Noah’s Ark being built in London in time for the 2012 Olympics, and Edward unveils his newest acquisitions for the Ripley archives including a full-size Ferrari crocheted from 12 miles of yarn and a 1963 VW Beetle on which 200 working musical instruments are mounted. Sideshow chronicler James Taylor describes his new exhibits at the Red Palace in Washington, D.C. and the founder of, Kim Orlando, reveals three of her bloggers favorite offbeat travel destinations, including an establishment where one can sleep under the stars on a sand dune and a centuries-old underground city. From a vintage Ripley Radio broadcast, we hear an amazing story about the world’s greatest long distance runner.