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Healing Through Creativity

Desiree Cox MD Ph.D.

Healing Through Creativity – We are the artists of our own lives: art, film and the currency of experience

In this week’s Healing Through Creativity, host Dr. Desiree Cox speaks with award-winning British film-maker Eleanor Yule about how we are artists of our own lives, and about connecting with the well of emotions and possibilities within ourselves through films and film-making. Yule’s arts documentary work with the BBC which includes the critically acclaimed OMNIBUS on French painter Pierre Bonnard, her films with ex- Python Michael Palin, and, her films about Peter Brooke, Muriel Spark, RD Laing, Peter McDougall and others have helped her refine her craft leading up to her first feature film Blinded. Blinded, a dark love story, starring Peter Mull and Jodhi May has played in competition at film festivals all over the world including Edinburgh (Michael Powell award), Taormina, Istanbul and Moscow. This year Eleanor Yule has directed two comedies, DESPERATE FISHWIVES, a Doric comedy pilot for the BBC and the film, LOVE CAKE, a sweet Romance.

Cox and Yule touch upon their own healing journeys and how their creativity has helped them make sense of their lives and see beyond their own personal horizons. “Art allows us to have a perspective beyond own human experience, it can help us to develop empathy and compassion, and most of all develop the self-compassion so important for healing” says Cox. Making ‘Blinded’ was a personal healing journey for me”, says Yule.

Learn about ‘the value of art’, of ‘replenishing your own depleted well of creativity’, and ‘giving back to others through the creative products we make’, in this week’s conversation with Dr Desiree Cox and award winning film-maker Eleanor Yule. You are the artist of your own life. What each life can be for itself is also part of what it is for the whole of life itself.

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