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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Why do Folks hear music when someone is Dying ? Near Death Experience and music.

A study of NDE’s has shown that music is often experienced by the dying person: but also by people nearby. I used the word experience because some do not hear it and others do not agree as to what they heard. The question of an explanation is discussed with my guest Melvyn Willin who has recently published details of a full investigation into the subject. He says that the music heard by the dying person is described in many ways as: sublimely beautiful, transcendental, mystical tones, harmonic perfection or music that transcends all thought. Often, after the resuscitation the music changed the life the individual as he sought to reproduce it, sometimes by composing music inspired by the memory.

As well as music being felt by the sick person, music is sometimes heard by other people present. Some hear, some do not, so it is not audible music, but the music is felt and from an external source. It seems that the music is transferred as emotion from mind to mind in the same way that information flows by telepathy. What does all this mean? How may these paranormal experiences be interpreted? Log on to Melvyn Willin or his website or hear him talking now about his discoveries and paranormal death music.