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Journey to the Self

Journey To The Self – Shamanic Journeys with Naomi Lake

Many of us have heard of shamans and shamanic journeys and many of us have ideas on what either may be; however, why not ask someone who knows? This show I’m talking with Naomi Lake and get her views on these terms and concepts as she facilitates Shamanic journeys and is often referred to as a shaman – not a label she easily accepts.
As Naomi shares her spiritual journey with us she addresses the various healing modalities she uses – and helps us understand them a little better – before providing insights into Shamanism and Shamanic Journeys. Naomi explains what a shamanic journey is and why you may wish to experience one. Yes, why would you benefit from a Shamanic Journey? That is the “What’s in it for me” question and Naomi tells you why! She also provides you with a few practical tips on how to get started on reconnecting with your core and the multitude of ways in which you can … yes, you can. As always feedback and comments to Naomi or myself are much appreciated