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Dõv Baron

The Accidental Guru – Christine Kloser

This week Dov Baron interviews Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst,” a three-time award winning author, host of the Transformational Author Experience, and creator of the Get Your Book Done program.  This episode is for anyone who as ever felt they had a message they needed to share with the world…but didn’t quite know how to get that message out!

Kloser, known for being a “transformational author,” has taken on the task of teaching her writing skills to other would-be authors.  “A transformation they want to make out there in the world begins with them,” says Kloser.  Christine Kloser’s Get Your Book Done program is not a quick fix–“get your book done in a week”–sham.  In this interview, Kloser describes the process involved in writing a transformational book and the philosophy she believes in to help the aspiring writer get on the right path on their journey.  “This book should be your process–it should transform you as much as it transforms the reader,” notes Baron of Kloser’s program.

Kloser also describes the Four Levels of Transformation and how they can help you to have your “biggest impact in the world…and leave your mark on the world.”  And these levels aren’t just for authors!  The Four Levels of Transformation can apply to anyone in any type of business.  How can the Four Levels of Transformation change your life?

“You can have an idea today and in a few months–I mean, I can teach people how to get their book ready in 90 days!–it doesn’t take long.  You can really do this!” says Kloser of becoming a transformational author.  Are you ready to live your dream?

Baron and Kloser also use this time to unveil the recent project they teamed up to create.  Stay tuned for details on how to get four free lessons from Christine Closer–the last of which includes assistance from Dov Baron himself!  This is an episode you’re not going to want to miss!