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The Mindset Mechanic – ART FROM MY HEART

What do you say when your child says “I’m ugly and fat!”? How can you help your child when they cry “I have no friends! No one understands me!”? What do you do when your child is exposed to violence and won’t talk to you? Our guest, Rae Luskin, has the answers. Rae is the author of Art from My Heart and teaches families to communicate and heal through art. She reveals tips about easy and fun art projects families can do together to build better communications, richer relationships, and greater joy.

Your co-hosts, America’s Mindset Mechanic Julie Rahm and Johnny Novice join Tank the Wonder Dog in helping you shake off whatever got you down last week. Then, Julie and Johnny get into the Mindset Mechanic metaphorical Tool Kit for tools you can use to minimize your stress and maximize your performance. Stress is mostly fear. When you identify and challenge your fears, you push through stress and often find your passion buried beneath those fears!

And, in Operation CHAMPS (Children of Heroes: America’s Military Personnel) Julie interviews 12-year old Army kid, Hunter Moran about his art project for military kids and wounded warriors. His goal is to help the kids and soldiers heal together.