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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Speak Like a Pro and Make Money Doing It

Does the thought of speaking in front of a crowd cause you to break out into a sweat? You’re certainly not alone.  Annemarie Cross welcomes “Speaking Breakthrough Strategist” Rochelle TogoFiga of Speak Like a Pro to share how her fear of public speaking nearly caused her to give up her dreams.

“Many people would rather be the person who the eulogy is about, than the person who is giving the eulogy,” claims Rochelle, but after receiving an alarming wake-up call—she was diagnosed with Cancer—she came to realize that “…this is not a dress rehearsal. I should pursue my dream.  It’s now or never!”

After surviving her bout with breast cancer, Rochelle turned her journey of recovery into a positive life-altering experience that transformed her life: She did all in her power to learn and develop her skills as a speaker!  In this interview, Rochelle shares how she continues to help entrepreneurs follow their dreams and goals, including helping them to banish their speaking fears forever so that they too can make their voice heard with confidence.

During the show Rochelle shares the secrets that have enabled her to become a powerful speaker and catapult her business.  Learn how to create a hook that will instantly grab your audience’s attention within the first 3 minutes of your presentation—a vital step if you want to make a huge impact!

Are you one of those speakers who shares everything with the audience? Rochelle explains why telling all is unwise, especially if you want people to hire you.  Throughout this interview, you will learn exactly how to utilize “the key elements of a powerful talk.”

Grab hold of your audience like a magnet!  And be aware of the one thing you MUST SAY at the end of your talk that most speakers don’t do.  What is this “one thing,” you ask?  It’s something easy that will almost certainly generate sales… But you have to tune in to find out what it is!