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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – In Love With A Secret Sex Addict? Former Sex Addict-NBA Player-Coach Reveals Clues and Cure for Sex Addiction

Are you dating or married to a secret sex addict? Get the clues and cure for sex addiction as Host Hadley Finch talks with former sex addict-NBA player-Assistant Coach of Boston Celtics– Winston tells us how his unchecked sex with thousands of women can be a career and marriage killer. As an NBA player for Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat who played against Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley, Winston now admits that he’d slept with several women a day for many years and kept it a secret from his wife. Find out how Bennett’s NBA coaching career rivaled his playing days until he lost his job as assistant to Rick Pitino (who also had a sex scandal) and the Boston Celtics as the result of an inappropriate sexual relationship. Learn how his wife dealt with the devastating discovery that she’d married a sex addict.

After attending treatment centers in Colorado Springs and New Orleans, Bennett came clean about his sex addiction. Today he reveals: Why powerful men and pro athletes are more prone to the addiction of women. Why he risked exposure to STDs during thousands of anonymous sexual encounters. How he reinvented his career and marriage and discovered the life-saving benefits of monogamy.

Winston helps you identify signs that you’re dating or even married to a secret sex addict. He shares 5 proven tips for overcoming sex addiction. He explains how as a recovered sex addict, he reinvented his career as a college coach and how he and his wife run Fight For Your Life, a mentoring organization. Discover the best way to handle sexual temptations at work or in your daily life during Winston Bennett’s brave, unvarnished conversation with America’s Love Guide for singles and couples, Hadley Finch. She is the author and founder of – Resilient Optimists who believe in Great Love. She helps singles recruit your perfect match in the dating site she created exclusively for positive, successful singles who believe in Great Love and are ready to get the red-hot relationship you deserve at She helps couples sustain passion, intimacy, fun and undying love with your partner at