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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Direct Mail Marketing to Build Your Business

As an Ambitious Entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard the saying “The money is in your list.”  According to Annemarie’s guest, Blase Ciabaton–also known as “The Direct Mail Man !”–your mailing list will determine 60% of the success of any direct mail campaign.  In other words, your list needs to be as focused and targeted as possible if you are to generate any real success from your direct mail marketing campaigns.  Tune in to learn how!

With the advent and popularity of social media, one of the old ways of marketing your business that is spoken about less frequently, is direct mail marketing. When planned and managed correctly – direct mail marketing, just like social media marketing can help you build your brand awareness and customer base.  Blase Ciabaton has brought back this trend almost single-handledly–and his success rates are amazing!

Blase believes that many small businesses are not seeing the results or the response rates they strive for because they continue to fall into a common trap that often dooms many direct mail marketing campaigns. What is it?  You’ll have to tune in to find out what this #1 trap is so that you can not only avoid it, but prevent yourself from becoming frustrated and confused about why your campaign failed to work.

It has been said that it can cost you five to seven times more to acquire a new customers than it does to sell more to an existing customer.  Annemarie and Blase discuss the truth of this statement and Blase offers some suggestions as to why you should keep in regular contact with your existing clients if you want to increase your sales.

Throughout the show, Blase Ciabaton shares proven direct mail marketing tips that will increase your response rate, his thoughts about how many direct mail pieces it will takes before you can expect a response, and provides you with some powerful and effective “calls to action” that will get your readers fired up and taking immediate action!  Are you ready to start your next–successful!–direct mail campaign?