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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Powerful photographic storytelling – 08/15/11

This show is designed to inspire you and it will involve both your ears and eyes as my second guest and I review an phenomenal photographic story about an orphanage in Transylvania. My two guests work for PhotoPhilanthropy, a two-year old nonprofit that brings together professional photographers and nonprofits with the intention of causing social change through photographic storytelling. The organization believes in people’s interest in knowing more, in understanding better, in seeing the story, which can lead to action and involvement. My first guest is Nancy Cole, the executive director. She provides great information about this nonprofit start-up. Then I speak with Kathleen Hennessy, the director of the Activist Awards for PhotoPhilanthropy. We discuss the orphanage photos and what makes them so powerful. You’ll be moved and inspired to create something similar for your nonprofit.