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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Can Trance and Telepathy explain ALL ?

About 72 strange beliefs and psychic abilities are considered paranormal and listed as concepts of parapsychology: Some are different names for the same thing, but most are genuinely different things that happen to people from time to time. The complication is endless; but the whole thing can be rationalised if you start off with the two concepts of trance and telepathy. An understanding, of HOW and WHY these two things are normal facts of life, allows a very different view of the concepts of parapsychology, in fact, the 72 concepts reduces to 2. Even then there are many more than 72. Picking a few at random includes speaking in tongues, aspects of astrology and a new view of microbiology. The study of cellular growth, in fact the whole of life, has eluded science; but the science of telepathy tells a new and exciting story. A good start at the study of parapsychology is at: or for more on my own thoughts see: