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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Leadership coaching to boost executive director happiness – 08/22/11

What should an executive director or her board do when she’s highly stressed, can’t delegate, is burned out or lacks confidence? Hire a coach to help her devise solutions and put new behaviors into action. An executive who isn’t happy can’t be creative, supportive or fully productive and this impacts the nonprofit’s overall performance. On this week’s show, I talk to two highly skilled coaches who have helped leaders solve practical problems often in a very short time. Jill Sheldon of Open Road Coaching & Consulting, gives examples of how a coaching relationship works. Sandy Vilas, the volunteer board president of The Coach Initiative, talks about the free 90-day coaching services for nonprofit leaders and teams that’s available through The Coach Initiative. Vilas also is president of Coach University, the world’s largest training organization for personal and business coaches. Jill and Sandy make a convincing case for executive director coaching.