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Dõv Baron

The Accidental Guru – Welcome to The NEW GAME of selling and sales with Mitch Axelrod

Dov Baron talks to Mitch Axelrod, the creator of The NEW Game series, author of The NEW Game of Business, The NEW Game of Selling, Sales Alchemy and more than 50 other books, workbooks, and educational programs.  Mitch’s uniquely innovative strategies and advice have generated $2.5 billion of income for thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of small business owners.  An entrepreneur since 1978, Mitch has started and partnered in 20 businesses and became a self-made millionaire at the age of 32.  Mitch Axelrod has presented more than 3,500 seminars, workshops, and clinics live to over a million people from 35 different countries and has successfully reached millions more through his radio and television appearances…  And now he’s here to talk to YOU about making a difference in YOUR business!  So, “slip the dog a Valium,” as the saying goes and “strap yourself into the listening position:” You’re in for a wild, highly-informative ride!

The world’s economy has changed and therefore the “game” of business has changed too, leading Mitch to make massive revisions to 21 chapters of his original book–The NEW Game.  How has the economy changed the way we play the game?  And how can we combine our individual talent with that of others to form a good “teamwork” structure?  Or is it better to go it alone?

Mitch Axelrod also takes the time to outline a process he calls “no box thinking” and how you can use it in your own life.  Learn how to start each day with a clean slate.  Are you ready to expand the possibilities in your life?  Are you prepared to throw away your limited mindset?

Learn why “buyer beware” has been turned on its ear and has now become “business beware.”  Discover how the economics of compromise have changed over the ears.  And listen in awe to how you can change the rules to your business relationships.  Tune in now!