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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – The many different Forms of Healing. Are they all the same?

Apart from conventional medicine, there are countless different types of healing, but they all use the same fundamental principle, which has many different names, and all are regarded as the only way to do healing. Phil Young, my guest, has practiced hypnotherapy, Eastern traditional healing, distance healing, Hawaiian healing, and trance body healing. He says that they all rely on trance phenomena, an altered or shifting state of consciousness. Reaching a state of trance is profoundly important which is fundamentally linked to the unconscious brain and is the source of the healing. A carrier known as, life force or life energy, mother, Ki or Qi, is the healing information carrier. This carrier he says is the basis of telepathy so all these things are linked to the information carrier of life itself which carries out the healing. His websites
are and from which his books are available.