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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – QR Codes and Mobile Marketing – is your website mobile ready?

Technology gurus predict that by 2014 the use of mobile web browsing will overtake computer browsing. In fact, half of all current local searches are done via a mobile device.

As an ambitious entrepreneur is your website accessible through mobile technologies?

If not, if you want to increase your prospect list and generate ongoing sales this is something you should be planning for – especially before 2014.

Because your website and blog play such a key role in building brand awareness with your prospects, if people can’t access your content – they certainly won’t hang around. And, that’s an opportunity you’ve just missed out on to get that person onto your prospect list.

What about QR codes – are you leveraging them in your marketing? Or like many other entrepreneurs and small businesses who have started dabbling with QR codes – you’re just directing people back to your website.

If so, according to today’s guest Sierra McMillan from Hi 5 Mobile Marketing – sending people back to your website, especially if it is not mobile friendly is another missed opportunity.

To ensure you get the best outcome in building brand awareness, getting key information into the hands of your prospects and boosting your sales, you need to take the time to plan your QR and mobile marketing strategy. What is your ultimate goal? How is your strategy going to be the most effective, engaging and entertaining?

Struggle with coming up with ideas that are effective, engaging and entertaining? Not to worry. Annemarie Cross asks Sierra to share her top QR and mobile marketing strategies so that you can capture your prospects attention and collect their contact information.

Want to measure and track your QR code efforts? No problem – this is certainly achievable. Sierra suggests doing some split testing so that you can continue to implement QR code and mobile marketing initiatives that you know will work and generate you the best results.