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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Finding Happiness During A Painful Breakup Or Loss In Life and Love

Must you suffer from the heartbreak and stress of lost love? Not for long! Tribe of Singles and Tribe of Couples dating site founder, and host A Lasting Love, Hadley Finch, and her guest, EdSouthwick,Jr., founder of, team up in this very special episode to help you beat break-up stress before it beats you. Learn how to be happy, even while facing life’s toughest challenges. Let’s all agree that it’s easy to be happy when life is a breeze—but what happens during a breakup or divorce, when the pain of lost love can slam you to your knees?

Today, you’ll discover how happiness and financial planning coach, Edward Southwick, Jr., is finding happiness while going through the breakup of his 24-year marriage to his Japanese wife (who was also his writing partner for the most popular dating/advice column in Japan).

Hadley and Edward give easy-to-understand advice and share tools that will help you cope even in the worst of times.  Learn how to put life’s most painful times into perspective with “Thankful Comparisons.” Discover how to use a breakup or divorce as a motivator to improve yourself.  Are you ready to rediscover the good in your life by taking “Effective Ownership?”  You will be!

Find out whether you need to raise your income or your happiness quotient to be happy in financially challenging times. Get unstuck from unhappy habits and quickly get into happiness-producing activities as you develop the 10 Habits of Happy People. Design a happy life with strategies you gain during this lively conversation between” America’s Love Guide for Singles and Couples,” Hadley Finch, and happiness and financial planning coach, Ed Southwick, Jr.

As a Certified Family Life Educator and Business Consultant, Ed Southwick, Jr. combines business consulting and happiness concepts to transform your personal and financial health. Our host, Hadley Finch, shares her happiness and success secrets as a best-selling author and founder of—the Tribe of resilient optimists, who, despite what life throws at them, still believes in Great Love.  Are you ready to ditch your negative feelings and start believing in love again?