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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Attracting Your Ideal client with Key Lead Generation strategies

As a busy ambitious entrepreneur it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of running your business, which doesn’t leave you much time for marketing.

Robert Dempsey from Dempsey Marketing joins Annemarie Cross on today’s show and stresses that marketing – especially lead generation is one of the most important things you should be focusing on in your business.

If attracting a steady flow of ideal clients is something you’ve struggled with, Robert shares some must-do inbound marketing strategies to help you generate a steady flow of leads to your business.

One strategy is to build a reputation as an authority in your field by creating interesting, informative and inspiring content that provides solutions to your ideal client’s issues. By building your credibility as an expert in your field through consistently sharing great content, and by implementing strategic keep in touch strategies means that your prospect will think of you when they’re ready to invest.

Robert shares how building a powerful blog is a great way to generate leads, and when combined with a compelling opt-in offer and ongoing lead-nurturing strategies through your email and follow up systems this will help you turn leads into clients.

Do you struggle with creating content? Robert shares how XMind and Scrivener are two tools that he recommends to help you get your ideas onto paper while helping you find your blog voice – all very important factors when planning your lead generation strategies.

Also joining Annemarie Cross is Meridith Elliott Powell, Author of ’42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers.” Meridith talks about her Rule 25 – Open the Door to Opportunities and goes on to explain the importance of selling small – in order to sell big.

In this trust and value economy, patience is a virtue and the need for instance gratification by pushing hard to get the sale is unwise. In fact, trust has to be built and value has to be created, and Meridith shares some great success stories to show you how to do this.