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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Nutritional Support for the Cancer Battle-Part I

Let’s face it. The statistics are horrible. One in three people will battle cancer in their lifetime. We need to be aware of nutritional support for ourselves or our loved one before a problem is diagnosed. You don’t want to miss Dr. Joseph Runyon as he shares years of expertise in the natural health field. As a practitioner of Oriental Medicine for 54 years, a chiropractor for 40 years and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor for 20 years he has seen the need for specific advice on nutrients to return the immune system to its original state when fighting cancer. He shares his A+ list of nutrients, some do’s and don’ts, ideas on thermography and the Paige diet plan that is very specific for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Runyon the host of his own radio show, the Native American Medicine Man for the last 15 years makes it very clear, “We’ve been looking for a cure for cancer in the wrong place.”