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Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – A’Fixing to Go Deer Hunting: Holistic Health

As more aging, rather than younger, hunters are taking to the woods this year, the accumulated pains of life can sometimes be reduced or eliminated by a single visit to a chiropractor, as occurred with me.

An automobile accident a decade ago left me with the inability to turn my head to the left to look over my shoulder along with pain and stiffness in my neck muscles. A single adjustment by Dr. Kelly Morganroth provided more movement and less pain that I had experienced in years. My visit to Morganroth was prompted by an E-mail interchange with Dr. Tom (Thomas) Potisk, who practices in Wisconsin. He had sent me his book, “Whole Health Healing.” Although initially a skeptic, I booked him for a show because of our common interests in a more natural, or holistic, lifestyle.

This kind of lifestyle features natural foods (wild game in my case plus local fruits and nuts), regular exercise, being creative and generally taking personal charge of all aspects of life which might even include starting ones own business. We were in complete agreement on these points, but the only way that I could accept that spinal alignment had anything to do with holistic living, outside of pain relief, was something that I had to experience, hence my visit to Dr. Morganroth.

She made a believer out of me, and I signed up for a program to not only take care of my neck, but to also readjust my spine-hip alignment which had never been right since I broke my hip at a very early age. I could walk fairly well, but could never run without pain. which kept me from participating in team sports. This was not fun when you hurt every day and ran with a limp.

My interview with Dr. Potisk, supplemented with in-office adjustments made by Dr. Morganroth, will take the listener through the reasonings behind chiropractic medicine, how it can be applied to everyone from infants to seniors, better diet, better posture and embracing a more self-directed holistic lifestyle – including the surprizing finding that even the family pet might benefit.

Dr. Potisk’s book may be purchased at his website, and as a bonus you will receive a cookbook and a study guide. Whole Health Healing is also available at and other book outlets.

Ads on this show include those from SIN, Inc., Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc.) Diet Division who has diet pills priced from $0.40 to $40,000 each and Rent A Reptile, which supplies reptiles for an all-natural pest control system – Not available in the United Kingdom.