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Nonprofit Spark

Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Nonprofit Innovation and Community Engagement – 10/03/11

On this week’s show, I focus on two Minnesota-based organizations to explore examples of nonprofit innovation and community engagement. They demonstrate nonprofits’ amazing ability to be nimble and creative in response to the constituents they serve. They’re passionate, common sense leaders and you’ll get some great ideas from them.

My first guest, Angie Miller of Community Action Duluth, piqued my interest because in an economically depressed community, she has managed to identify and ramp up two major initiatives in the organization in the past couple of years. They’ve created new revenue streams that were unimaginable just five years ago. My second guest is Jill Kilibarda, the education and civic engagement program manager for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. She’s kicking off a bookclub this week to engage advocacy volunteers in reading about and discussing books about homelessness and substandard housing.