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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Garrett Oliver


This week our guest is the esteemed Garrett Oliver, editor of the newly released Oxford Companion to Beer. This book is already in its 4th run although it was just released this fall. Garrett is the brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery and is world renowned for his keen understanding of our industry. Oliver is brilliant, quick-witted and simply delightful. Have a listen to our show as Tommy and Garrett catch up on a lovely fall day outside of Publican Restaurant. Our show then turns from the brilliant to the sophomoric as Gastro discusses the Twitter sensation of a man chugging a $169 bottle of Cristal. Fortunately, the show then turns to a short lesson about the region of Champagne. There is some discussion about the unique characteristics of the microclimate, the grapes, the inherent qualities of the product and ultimately some great producers.