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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – A Psychic is able to act in Many Ways.

My guest, Vicky Sweetlove, has developed her natural psychic abilities so that now she is able to give a wide range of psychic advice and to perform various psychic functions. On her website; you will see she is a trained professional in the field and is able to give advice on housing and buildings, using the ancient Chinese method of Fung Shui, as well as removing unwanted attachments to spaces and buildings. She is able to achieve amazing success by dowsing and also accesses people’s individual psychic records, from what is called the Akashic Records library, so that advice can be given about health, relationships, family, career and creativity. Some people suffer from a spirited attachment which manifests in different ways. Vicky is trained in identifying and releasing these undesirable attachments. This is known as Spirit Release; which is a fairly new way of investigating a personal psyche and providing a psychological balance. All these psychic abilities rely on a single method of sensing, akin to telepathy, which I have explained in my book Sublimity, and website;