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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Helpful hints on working with a printer 111411

Because nonprofits can create materials using desktop publishing software, we assume that printing that material is a breeze. But ask printers and they’ll say many non-profits have no idea what they’re doing. My guest this week is Dee Conklin, the owner of Palliser Printing in Invermere, British Columbia. She describes common problems that printing customers make and how to avoid them. She also talks about how important a relationship with a local printer can be, particularly if you’re going to ask for donated services. Dee also happens to be the mayor of nearby Radium Hot Springs and so she talks a a bit about local non-profits and seeking grants. Finally, she and her husband own CasaVino, a cozy wine bar located on the main floor of their home. I recently vacationed in Radium Hot Springs and while there, met Dee and sipped a lovely glass of wine with her as we chatted about local politics and publishing.