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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Training with a Mind Mirror, to achieve altered states of consciousness

In 30 years there has been a revolution in the teaching of meditation and in personal mind control which has been brought about by many new methods and devices. One of the first was the Mind Mirror, and the inventor’s book that accompanied it called “The Awakened Mind”. My guest today is Judith Pennington who makes use of that technology to train for deep meditation in classes, demonstrations and teaching. See her website The Mind Mirror is a biofeedback instrument which allows the user to see his own brainwave patterns, in order to get the feel of controlling his mind, to achieve deep relaxation. It also allows a tutor to give advice and guidance, especially in a classroom situation. Mind training and meditation is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people using it for healing, medium ship, lucid dreaming, and even ESP studies.