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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – How to turn prospects into clients, easily and authentically

Do you cringe at the thought of having to sell your products and services to a potential business prospect?  Host Annemarie Cross‘ guest is Meridith Elliott Powell from Motion First Now. Meridith also found sales uncomfortable, unfulfilling, and a little scary. Despite undergoing the ‘typical’ sales training and being given sales systems/process, she felt no better about selling and yearned for the day when she no longer had to sell. Unfortunately that day never came.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, selling is an important part of your business. If you don’t have those sales conversations with your prospects, you won’t generate any sales. No sales – no money. With no money, you can’t pay our bills, which will unfortunately eventually lead to business closure.  These are issues thoroughly explored by Annemarie and her prestigious guest.

Meridith’s journey led her to discover sales techniques that not only worked, but felt comfortable and authentic.  She has now compiled these techniques in her book: 42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers.  In this interview, Meridith describes a few of these techniques and how they can save you from the horrors of the aggressive cold-calling techniques of olde.  Are you ready to learn brand new customer-centric techniques?

Meridith is an award winning woman business owner and her unique background includes high level leadership and executive position in sales, marketing and finance. Her signature style and her ability to rapidly connect with people make her a sought after speaker, coach and strategist.  Tune in as she shares some of her favorite rules from her book so that you too can turn your prospects into customers.

Meridith has kindly offered to give a copy of her book to one of our listeners. To win, listen closely for her question during the show and add your answer here. The first person with the correct answer will receive a copy of her book – 42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers.