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The Manic Gardener

Kate Gardner

The Manic Gardener – The Next Organic Fertilizer: Insect Poop?

If you thought worm castings an odd fertilizer, brace yourself: the new kid on the organic fertilizer block is insect castings, or frass. Daniel Jazvac, one of the co-founders of Prime Nutrients Ltd., calls this fertilizer the “missing link” of organics. Here’s why: insects play a crucial role in recycling organic matter everywhere, and some species produce clean, rich castings, yet they have been almost universally ignored by organic researchers and companies.

Jazvac also describes how regulations tend to favor producers of pure, synthetic fertilizers but work against companies that make complex, organic fertilizers. Most of us know nothing about this and other hurdles faced by developers of organic products. Here’s a chance to learn about some of what was involved in the two and a half year journey of bringing this one to market.

Weekly Gardening Tip — Want to keep your hot compost pile cooking for a couple more weeks? Insulate it!

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