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AMBITION Is Not A Dirty Word

Dr. Debra Condren

AMBITION Is Not A Dirty Word – Power Is Not A Dirty Word: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom Power Up to Live a More Unlimited Life

So often women wake up one day and realize that we aren’t really steering our own lives or careers because we’re constantly giving away our power. We don’t set firm boundaries for ourselves—at work or at home. We don’t negotiate and end up making “The $500K+ Mistake.” We put up with a job or personal relationship that is sucking our soul because we don’t believe we have the power to change it. We put others’ needs ahead of our own, placing our own priorities at the bottom of the pile. We try to fix things for people who work for us, even when they aren’t suited for the job. We wait too long to fire people, accept less than excellence, and take on more work than we should. We turn ourselves into pretzels trying to fix loved ones’ problems, instead of letting them fight their own battles. As my guest today is famous for saying, people don’t love you more because you have sacrificed yourself or your dreams for them. From the boardroom to the bedroom, public office to personal relationships, feminist icon and best-selling author Gloria Feldt knows that nobody is keeping women from parity—except themselves. Listen in as Gloria shares powerful inspiration, hope, and courage—as well as concrete “power tools” to shift your attitude about power, manifest the change you desire, and live life without limits.