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Ripley Radio – Aliens, Dwarf Basketball & a Funky Tower

This week on the Dec. 26 episode of Ripley Radio, we learn that Aliens do exist. Jim Moroney tells us of the night he was abducted by Aliens and how it changed his life.

Jerry Chubbuck, owner of the funky roadside attraction, Wonder Tower, in Genoa, Colorado, takes us on a fun tour of this landmark and promises that he will give us our $1 admission free back if we are totally happy about our tour!

Additional Unbelievable and Amazing topics we talk about this week:

• Our man on the street reporter Buck Wolf talks about his visit with the New York Towers, a dwarf basketball team.
• We hear about odd Japanese beverages.
• A bunch of Chihuahuas who ate their dead master.
• We learn of a 13 year old girl who looks three times her age.
• From an old Ripley Radio segment and we learn of an army commander who was so young that he had to be carried onto the battlefield.