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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – It’s NOT a Mystery. So how can the Paranormal be Understood

This week I’m analysing about 90 different ways that we can experience paranormal events, and that number of course makes the whole thing appear mysterious. Many of these have been discussed in previous shows with an expert talking on that particular topic. But it’s only by standing back and taking a holistic view that any sense can be made out of the whole thing. The main problem is that we have so many words for describing the same experience: it’s all a complete muddle. This week I will show that there are only two phenomena that are the basis for the whole range of the paranormal, and they are trance and telepathy which are both surrounded by mystery as up till now no description has been available which suggest how or why. In the centre section of this show I’ll outline my theory that explains how and why, which fits all the evidence, and allows a perfectly reasonable explanation. This was explained in my book a few years ago in Sublimity and has been updated on my website Recently these theories of trance and telepathy have allowed a new ingredient in the understanding of human consciousness; given on my website as the Philosophy of Consciousness.