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Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World

Murray W. Nabors Ph.D.

Achieving Your Dreams in Our Crazy World – Charter Schools–A Format for Educational Success

Last year we visited Animas High School in Durango Colorado, and learned how this public school, which focuses on excellence, was founded. Now, Animas has grades 9-11 and will have its first graduating class in a bit over a year. My guest is Michael Ackerman, Head of School at Animas. He’ll tell us how Animas school is organized, following the High Tech High model in San Diego. We’ll learn about grades (D is the new F), classes, and expectations of the students. The enthusiasm and energy at Animas High is palpable as soon as you enter the building. Check out their web site at www.animashighschool.com.

Join us as we explore how this charter school is helping to revolutionize public education in the U.S.

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