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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Entrepreneurial Couples: How to maintain love and passion while create the business of your dreams

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur working alongside your spouse/partner and while you love them dearly, at times they drive you crazy? You can’t agree on the business’s direction or how best to manage your finances/money? Or they’re just not pulling their weight?

If that sounds familiar, this week’s show is a must listen.

Annemarie Cross is joined by Erika Forbes principal of The CouplePreneur. Erika is passionate about helping entrepreneurial couples and families develop and maintain passion and love while creating and building the business of their dreams.

Erika speaks about the common problems that many couples/families struggle with – recognise any?

Listen as Erika shows you how you can work through these issues so that you don’t sacrifice your personal relationship in order to build a thriving business.

Many CouplePreneurs believe that keeping their business and their personal lives completely separate is the best approach; however Erika doesn’t think so. In fact, Erika believes that “separating your work and the rest of your life just doesn’t work. It’s important to be able to recognise and agree that you have a shared passion for your business.”

“Is your business built on the foundation of love?” asks Erika? “From there you can develop the skills you need; the job description, the duties and responsibilities. This is not just a business for business sake. There is a far deeper bond that’s beyond your contract and your work.”

Are you relying too much on your own efforts while forgetting to tap into the resources of others around you? Erika believes this is yet another problem that can surface for CouplePreneurs. “Trying to do everything on your own is unwise, as you limit the possibilities and opportunities to grow your business.”

Erika believes it’s important to reach out and develop a network of other entrepreneurial couples for support. In fact, she encourages CouplePreneurs to set an intention for this year to reach out and meet other couples that are doing the same work. Meeting regularly with these couples will allow you to gain fresh insights to keep your creative juices flowing.

Not sure how to bring up a difficult conversation with your spouse? Erika’s suggestion on how to begin a difficult discussion is a great approach and will certainly allow you to maintain your love and passion no matter how difficult the topic/discussion.

Also on the show Annemarie Cross catches up with sales guru Meridith Elliott Powell - Author of 42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers. Meridith speaks about Rule 22, which explains the importance of solving the right problem to help you get past selling ‘price’. If your prospect is focused on price, it’s because you haven’t shown them that you have the solution to their problems.

Don’t get stuck in selling your products/services on price, but rather sell risk and value so that you can charge what you are worth – and get it! Meridith shows you how.