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Car Care for the Clueless

Pam Oakes

Car Care for the Clueless – 011612

This week on Car Care for the Clueless, host Pam Oakes teams up with our own gadget guru Peter Sudak and plays “catch-up” with our listeners’ emails. Pam is on a roll this month trying to get everyone back into the mindset of vehicle maintenance. Pam and Peter discuss tire rotations, synthetic versus organic oil changes, brake inspections and much, much more. Don’t miss out on these timely topics and “earn” money by just listening to the show. It can’t get any easier than that, folks!
And if you have an automotive question that you would like Pam to answer, don’t hesitate to email her at:
And, if you would like to know more about your vehicle, click onto Pam’s website, for a copy of her book “Car Care for the Clueless (or How You Can ‘Make Money’ While Maintaining Your Vehicle)”. Or visit her shop’s site at Look for Pam’s latest book coming to a store near you: “Car Care for the Clueless: Successful Used Car Buying 101”. The expected release date is February 2012. Not only is Pam an ASE-certified technician, but she has an auto dealer’s license too. Learn from Pam’s experiences at the auto auctions and teach you how to purchase the right vehicle – at the best price!