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Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – Julia Schopick brings out controversy in modern medicine

Julia Schopick’s medical advocate journey began with her husband’s brain tumor. Through the course of surgery after surgery, his skin would not heal and she pleaded with the doctors to try something that she had heard of to assist the skin to heal. This was after brain injuries from the multiple surgeries. At this point, her husband was permanently disabled. The doctors allowed the ‘alternative’ treatment, which worked, but they could not care less about what it was or why and how it worked. This led to her journey to assist others in becoming their own advocates, researching, and finding what works to assist the body to heal. Her book, Honest Medicine, details different people’s stories of health issues they encountered or their loved ones encountered, the doctors’ refusal to look into a different type of treatment (even if it was FDA approved!), and the perseverance of the people to seek ‘alternative’ treatment-even in the face of ridicule. Listen to Julia discuss what those treatments are, how and why they are effective, and the doctors who DO stand by those treatments!