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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Quantum Science and Angels that Heal

The study of quantum science and biology helped my guest to heal herself after a personal mystical experience. She had an Angelic message which started her journey to personal healing. She then studied the healing methods of various schools from Chinese medicine to Indian Chakras. Her name is Eva-Maria Mora and the main thrust of her work has been to discover why, why people get ill when their symptoms very often do not relate to the cause. Once the cause is established then more effective healing is possible and Eva found that by raising the energy level of both herself and her clients she was able to give a new healing modality, what she calls Quantum Angel Healing which she has carefully detailed in her book by that name. Quantum Angel Healing is therefore a combination of energetic and spiritual healing which is possible to learn from her book. See: Underlying all ill health are incorrect thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour, which may be transformed by making use of quantum phenomena and a higher source of energy.