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Ripley Radio – Fish Odor, Jersey Devil & Building Your Own Casket

Does the famed New Jersey Devil really have a bathing pool deep inside the state’s Pine Barrens? Author Fran Capo’s new book, Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey, has a chapter on the Devil’s Bathtub and she drops by this week to tell us about her weird experience when she visited the mysterious body of water.
Co-host Ralf discovers the North House Folk School in Minnesota where students learn to build their own caskets! The school’s Jessa Frost says the casket can serve as a coffee table or as a book shelf until you are ready to use it for the intended purpose.

Further Weird, Bizarre, Fun and Unbelievable Subjects Covered this week:
• Jodi Pliszka, The Solutionologist, talks about a smelly weird medical malady simply known as Fish Odor Syndrome.
• Intern Abby relates the hilarious tale of a man dressed up as Frosty the Snowman who inadvertently terrorized a small town.
• Angela goes techie on us this week and discusses the Internet of Things. She explains how a person’s “things” will someday all be interconnected and will “talk” with and respond to each other, without any help from you!
• We learn of a man in Nome, Alaska, who was trapped in his car during a snowstorm for nearly four days and was able to survive the cold without food or water. What kept him alive? He ate the frozen beer from the 12-pack of Coors he had in the back seat!
• How far does a modern-day cannonball fly and how much damage can it do along the way? We hear of an unbelievable accident on the set of the TV show MythBusters that provides some answers.
• Dinosaurs are heading to Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC, and Ripley archivist Edward Myer talks about these huge robotic beasts as well as other related items in the Ripley collection – including prehistoric insects encased within an amber rock!

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Internet of Things

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