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Organizing-411 – Our Growing Elderly Population; Downsizing & Senior Move Management

Join us as we speak with Vickie Dellaquila, Certified Professional Organizer, Senior Move Manager, owner of Organization Rules, author of “Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash,” and the “Moving Workbook.” Vickie and I will be discussing how to make moves for seniors go as smoothly as possible. This process can start years before a move, right before a move or during the actual move. This is almost always a very emotional experience for all family members. Vickie’s tips can help with this aspect, as well as the procedural & physical aspects of a move. Moms and Dads, going on a road trip anytime soon? Get my top tips on keeping kids busy on the ride. These tips also sneak in learning. Shh, don’t tell them!