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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Elements of a non-profit fund development plan – 02/20/12

There’s nothing that makes newer non-profit leaders more nervous than asking for money, especially from individuals. Their hearts clench. Their eyes glaze over. Their bodies freeze like deer looking into headlights. I’m not sure what all that’s about but perhaps you’ll feel better when I tell you that the experience is universal and automatic. You’re not alone.

I can also tell you that thousands of leaders have made a conscious choice to overcome that first reaction and fear by learning about fundraising, writing and using a fundraising plan, and then meeting with donors again and again. The more you do this, the more natural it feels.

On this week’s show, my guest and I talk about four elements of a fund development plan and help you think like a professional about donors and raising money. There’s no magic bullet here, just common sense ideas.

Simone Joyaux is a top-ranked speaker and trainer, and fundraising, planning and governance consultant. She is recognized internationally as one of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and provocative leaders in the non-profit / NGO sector.

Simone is a faculty member for the Masters Program in Philanthropy and Development at Saint Mary’s University, Winona, Minnesota. She also is the author of the book Strategic Fund Development, 3rd edition, and co-author of the book Keep Your Donors. Finally, she writes a column for Nonprofit Quarterly about fund development.