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Protecting Your Health

Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Part 2 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss, Natural Cereals That are Not Natural, Honey Being Sold that is Not Honey

Part 2 of personal trainers’ tips on how to lose weight.
Exercise is not the only activity needed.  Find out what else you must do
to maximize your weight loss.  The recommendations will surprise you.


Part 1 of dangerous cereals.  Many cereals are sold as
“natural” cereals.  Many are anything but natural, containing ingredients
that hurt your body and health and have highly processed and genetically
modified substances inside.  Find out what cereals to avoid and what
cereals are delicious and healthy for you.


This extremely nutritious and health boosting food is being
sold in MOST stores as honey.  There is no pollen or honey in the bottles
according to the FDA and Food Safety News.  Find out what brands are fake
honeys and how you can buy true natural honey safely.