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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Non-profit website redesign, part 2 – 02/27/12

On this week’s show, Christine Durand of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and I focus again on her website redesign project. Christine is the communications and marketing director for that organization. Non profit leaders may be wondering why I’d do a show about websites when those projects often have little to do with my target audience of executive directors and boards.

Here’s why: You almost always underestimate the time that’s required to create a useful website that supports your goals, and helps you raise more money. And then you think when the project’s over, the work is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will want to keep adding fresh content to your non-profit website to reflect how you’re growing and changing.

The other thing is that you have to know enough about website redesigns to ask great questions to determine which website designer is best for you, and if their fees are reasonable. Finally, you need to know enough to hold your staff accountable.

On our January 30 show, Christine and I talked about her RFP process, how to involve staff and volunteers, and the early stages of working with a web design company. On this show, we discuss branding, working with a site map and wire frames, organizing pages and content, and alpha and beta testing. Also, after the interview, I realized I had forgotten to ask about the project costs, so I followed up later with her to find out. I share information about that at the end of the show, after the final commercial break.

Our conversation here is as nuts and bolts as it can be and I warn you, you’re listening to two communication geeks who love talking about this stuff! You’ll want to take notes on the key ideas.