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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – Discovering and Using Your Passion in Business

When it comes to their jobs and their businesses, many people are frustrated by their lack of success and general dislike of what they do. In this week’s episode, Gary discusses one of the reasons why many small business people do not garner the success they seek. He is joined by Henri Schauffler of CEOFocus ( to discuss some of the necessary steps you need to take if you truly wish to align your passion with your income.

Listen to Gary as he shows you how to understand and match the internal and external game of marketing. You will learnabout the “marketing mindset” and why this is so crucial to your success as a small-business person. All too often entrepreneurs, small business owners, and job-seekers forget how to not only understand their true passions but how to match your passions with the passions of the marketplace. Listen today to learn some of the techniques you will need to incorporate in your business and life going forward if you truly wish to not only achieve success but enjoy the journey! Also, be sure to listen for a very special offer on how you can understand and use the steps to truly discover and profit from what you most enjoy.