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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – Are You Treating Your Customers Like Dogs?

This week Gary tells you about his recent experience with his dog-training course and what he learned about “Canine Communication” that you could use in your own business today. All too often small business owners treat their customers like dogs, and not in a positive way. Do you ever find yourself guilty of not really talking in your customer’s language but making assumptions about them instead? Do you force your customers to learn your jargon, rather than talk in their vocabulary? If so, then you are most likely committing fundamental marketing mistakes which are pissing off your customers and losing you money.

In this episode of Marketing 4.0 Gary discusses the three things your customer communication has to have. You will learn how to create cultural authority so that your customers will know that you are truly their advocate and trust you. Ultimately you will develop a strong loyalty to and from your customers by following these simple and basic steps.

Do not fall into the trap of talking to your customers like most people talk to their dogs. Learn the language of your customers and you will find yourself having a more successful and happier business. Listen today to learn how to begin!