Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – ABCA 2012 Best-In-Show (Part 2)

Tune in to learn about the final four of nine super baseball products selected as Best-in-Show at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) 2012 convention. (The first five were featured in last week’s show). Each year, from over 300 vendors, 10-12 are chosen as having the Best-In Show products and services. Selections are made by John and Patrick Pinkman and Lou Pavlovich, Jr., Editor-Collegiate Baseball To make their selections, John, Patrick and Lou visit vendor’s booth, ask questions, assess the products and services. Since every ABCA member cannot make the convention and even those that who are there cannot visit all the booths, I thought I’d bring Best-In Show information to you in this two part series. This shows remaining Best-in-Show line-up is: A) Jim Rickon (Owner/inventor) Product: The Bat Jack Baseball and softball bat grip training aid that develops the proper bat grip that improves the power and control within a player’s swing. Ensures a hitter’s fingers are properly aligned on the bat. See it here., B) Dr. Stacy Fuchino and former major leaguer, Dave Leeper, Owners/Inventors. Product: Click and Swing. Helps train any batter to get into the strong hitting position. A “clicking” mechanism located in the glove allows for a perfect practice swing every time. No batteries, with or without a bat, simply hear the click for a consistently perfect-position swing. 1-310-863-0816, C) Brad Barker (General Manager) Product: Lizard Skins. Dura Soft Polymer (DSP) baseball and softball bat grips that are slip resistant whether wet or dry, light weight and optimizes for feel and control. It comes in 1.1MM or 1.18 MM and multiple colors 1-801-229-9099 and D) Craig Pollard, Owner/Inventor Product: Tater Grip. Tater Grip is a single piece shrink-to-fit grip that fits over the handle of a baseball or softball bat, tennis racket, hockey stick, etc. Easy to apply and maintain and very durable. 1-800-573-8033. Each product is used at the youth, HS, collegiate and professional level.