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Barry Lycka MD

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Brow Lifts & Brow Lift Procedures Explained by Dr Lycka & Dr Kolb

The brow is an important area of our face which defines our appearance. It is also one of the areas that can be the first to show
signs of aging when the brow droops, leading to drooping eyelids and wrinkles across the forehead. Dr Lycka talks this week to
returning guest Dr Susan Kolb, plastic surgeon from Atlanta, on what is a brow lift, the problems of drooping eye brows and the
different brow lift procedures which can be used to deal with them. Dr Kolb also describes non-surgical alternatives to a brow
lift, how it differs from and compliments an eye-lift and how treatment can be provided through insurance plans if the problem
leads to hooding and vision impairement.